Our Unique Formula

Let's face it: the recruiting process has changed dramatically over the years. For most people it has become a "shot-in-the-dark" approach with poor results, a huge waste of time and cost, and open positions that remain unfilled.

Our method is different. We use our proprietary technology to bring employers and candidates together in a simple way. Companies access our database of pre-qualified candidates by using simple drop down menus, to filter by position, industry and skills. Think of it as online shopping. We don't rely on keyword searches. We don't rely on resume parsing. We don't rely on artificial intelligence.

This is how it works.

Position Companies sign up on our website. They post their position using a link to our website for candidates to apply, or they can let us post the position, thereby remaining confidential.
Profile Candidates apply to the position on our website by completing a brief profile based upon criteria such as position, industry and related skills using select drop-down menus. This takes minutes to complete at no cost to the candidate.
Verification Candidates are verified before being accepted into our database. This assures a quality database of candidates.
Selection Companies access our database of pre-qualified candidates by utilizing drop-down menus, not keywords, to filter their search for specific criteria taken taken from the candidate’s profiles, thus getting the best possible results in the shortest time.
End Result Companies receive a concise list of qualified candidates for the position in a simple and painless way, and can now begin the interview process.