Mission Statement

Helen G. Rosen, President —Direct Approach Solutions. "To offer employers and job candidates a precision targeted playing field that enables both parties to conduct a search with the utmost productivity."

As a business and finance professional in corporate America for over fifteen years, I worked in many industries, for companies ranging from start-ups to public corporations. When I was downsized from a national consulting firm in 2008, I quickly realized this job market was like no other before it. I know this is my story, but I believe this reflects the experiences of many others.

The age-old recruiting process that had been in place was no longer working for a number of reasons. Dozens of online job boards, badly targeted job postings, social media and a voluminous number of candidate applications flooding human resource departments all contributed to the growing problem. Companies and candidates are now caught in a maelstrom of applications and resumes that are quickly scanned and parsed for keywords, attempting to make a match. It is a daunting task. As a result, companies are not finding suitable candidates, and suitable candidates are not getting before hiring managers — WHEN THERE ARE OPEN POSITIONS LANGUISHING!

Because I suffered the pain first hand, I know the problems of the job search market all too well. I also understand how to provide the solutions. This was the impetus behind Direct Approach Solutions. Due to my extensive knowledge of having worked with many systems and processes over the years, I was able to take the best attributes of job boards, recruiting firms, and recruitment software to create this unique product that provides companies with qualified candidates through precision selectivity.

After talking to many individuals about their perception and experiences in the job search process — I strongly believe that my product is the superior method to job/candidate search, unlike anything else. I truly believe that my business model can break the current stranglehold in the job search process and bring companies and candidates together in a level playing field.

—Helen Rosen, President and Founder